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Water safety is more than swimming lessons. It’s about SAFER behaviors around all kinds of water in order to prevent childhood drowning.

Since 2015, Water Safety with Colin & Friends has taught thousands of children about The Whole Hand Rules of water safety. With the help of this evidence-based program, Colin’s Hope aims to encourage a safer culture around all kinds of water for families and their children.

Jump In With Just 4 Easy Steps!

Incorporate all lessons into your existing plans or choose the ones that work best for your camp.
  • 1
    Download the Camp Resource Manual
    This is your one-stop-shop to teaching Water Safety with Colin & Friends.
  • 2
    Print Activities For Each Lesson
    These can be used to enhance your lesson plans.
  • 3
    Engage Your Group with the Interactive Curriculum
    Watch the video lessons and complete the assessments.
  • 4
    Certificate of Completion
    Print a certificate for each of your campers to take home and congratulate them on learning about The Whole Hand Rules!

Preparing for Each Lesson

Choose which 15 minute lessons and activities you will incorporate into your program. You can teach the lessons yourself with the help of the Camp Resource Manual, or watch the video lessons embedded in the Interactive Curriculum. Remember to visit the Resources page for additional games, coloring sheets, and more.

The Water Safety With Colin & Friends program has flexible components which can be administered over two weeks, one week, or even one day in order to meet your group’s needs. We recommend teaching all available lessons for full program efficacy.

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