Lesson: Grown Ups Should Watch You

In this lesson, you will learn

Who is a grown up

Where grown ups should watch you

What is a distraction

How to remind our grown up to watch us around water

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Question 1: Who should you wait for before you near or into any water, even at home?


A Kid

A Grown Up

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Question 2: Where should grown ups watch you in and around water?

(Choose all correct answers)

Playing in the Backyard

At the Lake

Anytime Someone is in the Water

During Bathtime

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Question 3: What kinds of things can distract grown ups from watching you?

(Choose all correct answers)



Staying Close to You Around Water

Talking to Other Grown Ups

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Question 4: What can you do if your grown up is NOT watching you?

Politely Remind Them to Watch You

Stay in the Water to Play

Get in the Bathtub

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